The Children's Discovery Museum

Always Welcomes Volunteers!

The greatest benefit you'll gain by becoming a member of the Children's Discovery Museum is the satisfaction that comes from knowing you're helping children in need of the enrichment programs the Children's Discovery Museum. If you would like to make a difference in a child's life or in your community, you do not need to offer extensive amounts of time. Whether you participate yearly or weekly, your time and effort will improve the quality of life for a child and your community.

Interested in volunteering?

Volunteers will receive two free admission passes, and a 15% discount in the museum shop.

Things You Can Be A Part Of!

Interact With Families

Especially children by pretending to be the customer, the patient, the family member, or the co-worker. Help supervise children.

Re-Set Exhibits

You can help reset props and exhibits for the next group of children (disassemble train tracks, dress dolls, sort puzzle pieces, hang up costumes, etc.).

Assist with Special Events

An extra set of hands are always helpful during special events like our HO HO HO DOWN or the Emerald City Festival.

Mend Costumes or Repair Broken Toys

With hundreds of children playing with the same toys each week, they need some occasional TLC.

Assist with Periodic Mailings

Not everyone knows we offer field trips for schools! And we like to try and get the word out so more can enjoy our museum

Prepare Art Materials for School groups

A lot of set up goes into each field trip.

Have Some Hidden Talents We Are Not Aware Of?