Due to Legislative Changes, we are are only able to offer our amazing field trips free of charge to the first 2000 kids that pre-register. Book your field trip today!
Admission for students, and teachers is FREE! We also have a stippend to help cover costs of bussing.
 Start making your bookings for the 21-22 school year today!
Our new rates are as follows;
 If this is a hardship for your classroom, we encourage you to reach out and find sponsors for your field trip. Many classes have received funding from groups like; local businesses, PTC, local fire departments, club organizeations (I.E. Lions Club, Kiwanas, Eagles, Moose Club, VFW). Sorry, memberships can not be used to cover cost of field trip admittance. 

School Staff: Free               1 adult is required per 10 students. Please prepare your helpers that their job is to                                                    stay with the students. 
Play Time Only: $8 per student
Special Programing: $10 per student
Programming with bus stipend: $12.50 per student
Field Trip Time Limits are as follows;
Play time only: 2hrs
Programing: 2.5hrs

Programs and Scheduling

If your group exceeds our 60 student per session limit, please plan one of the following:

  • Schedule half of your group for the morning, allowing at least 2 hours and the second group for afternoon.
  • Schedule two different days.

We would be happy to assist you in scheduling a class and answer any questions you may have. Please contact our Administrative Director, Sheena. 

A gift shop and public garden are on site.  Our lunch area seats sixty. 

Bookings will be confirmed by email. Please watch your email to confirm your registration. 



School Programs: Early Childhood

  1. Wind Blows: (Pre-K, K, & 1st Grade) Concentrate and remember a sequence of events in a story. Experiment with a fan and small objects, create a windsock and learn how people use wind.  
    Standards: Science, Language Arts
  2. Pre-Wizard of Oz:  (Pre-K, K, & 1st Grade) Identify bully/buddy characteristics of Oz characters and examine real-life situations. Design a craft stick house and remember, "There's no place like home."   Standards: Art, Language Arts, Social Studies
  3. Animal Home Discovery: (Pre-K, K, & 1st Grade) Use tracks and scat to identify animal puppets and replica homes. Large motor skills activity with animal movements. Create prints of animal tracks to take home. 
    Standards: Language Arts, Science, P.E.
  4. Pre-KEVA Planks: (Pre-K, K, & 1st Grade) Practice basic geometric shapes and a variety of techniques to build a town. Listen to a story for building inspiration. 
    Standards: Science, Math, Language Arts, Art Currently unavailable due to Covid
  5. What's a Mammal?: (Pre-K, K, & 1st Grade) Help puppets with a sorting activity and then arrange animals into groups (mammals, birds, fish, reptiles). Use magnifiers to examine animal hides. Perform animal actions, view mounted animals and create a mammal with art materials. Standards: Science, Art, Language Arts Currently unavailable due to Covid
  6. Wonderful Water: (Pre-K, K, & 1st Grade) Learn about weather and where clouds come from. Examine living/non-living. Create a rain cloud in a jar, and paint a water cycle. Explore pollution & habitats with Frannie the Fish.

 School Programs: Grades 1 & Above

  1. Dino Dig:  (Grades 1-4) Excavate bones, explore animal classification and construct a 3D dino puzzle in teams, examine extintion theories, and build a vinegar volcano.  Standards: Science, Art, Language Arts
  2. Wizard of Oz:  (Grades 2-5) Describe OZ characters with many adjectives,  identify anti-bullying strategies, and assemble vortex tornado models.  Standards:  Language Arts, Science, Social Studies
  3. Tree-rific:  (Grades 2-5) Discover diversity of tree products, measure stumps and rings.  Use a key to identify leaves. . Standards: Science, Math, Art, Social Studies
  4. Wildlife Detective:  (Grades 2-4) Animal investigators determine "Who Did It" analyzing clues in teams, a vocabulary game, create track print project.  Standards:  Science, Language Arts, Art
  5.  Animal Class: (Grades 1-4) Identify birds, fish, mammals, amphibians & reptiles with laser pointers, create a vertebrate art project. Use magnifiers to examine animal hides. Experience a simulated safari/ drawing. Classify classmates by attributes. Standards: Science, Social Studies, Art Currently unavailable due to Covid
  6.  KEVA Plank Engineers: (choices based on grade level) Build and compare 2-D and 3-D shapes, graphing & geometic art projects. (Grades 3-6) Science experiment & construction using cantilevers. Build, describe and follow directions with a partner. Standards: Science, Math, Language Arts, Art Currently unavailable due to Covid
  7. Lake Life: Use costumes and props to discover the metamorphosis of butterflies and other creatures. Create a lake habitat group mural. Play a game to show the effects of invasive species in a lake. Learn about water pollution with Frannie the Fish.
  8. Color My World:  (Grades 1-4)  Students explore rainbow science & decorate a spinning top.  They do color chromatography & may use it to solve a crime-lab mystery.  Creating a color wheel and mixing colors is fun hands on project.