Field Trips at the CDM

Teachers can enhance their children's learning by bringing the curriculum alive at the Children's Discovery Museum.  Bring your class to the CDM,  and we will lead them on a discovery experience of your choice with a curriculum we provide, or you can use a lesson plan of your own. All of our exhibits are at your disposal when you arrive.  To see what other teachers have to say about their visit, look at our survey results.

  • Wizard of Oz: Pre-K to Grade 8

    Use Oz characters and personalities to learn about bully and buddy behavior. Tour the Judy Garland birthplace and Wizard of Oz Gallery including Abraham Lincoln's carriage (used in the movie). Explore tornadoes and build a model with a spinning vortex.

  • Color My World: Grades K-4

    Students explore rainbow science & decorate a spinning top. They do color chromatography & may use it to solve a crime-lab mystery. Creating a color wheel and mixing colors is followed by a creative art project.

  • Animal Class: Grades 1-4

    Identify birds, fish, mammals, amphibians and reptiles with laser pointers, create a vertebrate art project. Use magnifiers to examine animal hides. Experience a simulated safari/drawing activity. Classify classmates by attributes.

  • What's a Mammal: Pre-K to 1st grade

    Help puppets with a sorting activity and then arrange animals into groups (mammals, birds, reptiles, fish). Use magnifiers to examine animal hides. Perform animal actions, view mounted animals and create a mammal with art materials.
    Due to Covid restrictions, this program is currently unavailable.

  • KEVA Plank Engineers or Pre-KEVA: Pre-K to Grade 8

    Depending on grade level, kids use the KEVA wooden building sets to creatively explore principles of geometry, balance, and engineering. They may be challenged to describe a structure and instruct a partner to build one like it. Older students will do an experiment with cantilevers.
    Due to Covid restrictions, this program is currently unavailable.

  • Dino Dig: Grade K to Grade 4

    Your class will excavate bones from a large beast which will have been buried prior to your arrival. Kids can create their own "fossil" with plaster and clay.

  • Treesa

    Push her button and Treesa will tell you about the forest. School groups have the option of a story read to them by Treesa. She can even call your students by name. Bring a class list!

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    Special School holiday and Summer Programs

    The Children's Discovery Museum offers a variety of free programs during the school vacation days and during the summer months to provide educational opportunities for the community. 

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    Art Room / Lunchroom

    The 2,000 square foot Art Room provides space for creative activities that are inculded in school programs. It also serves as the lunchroom for snacks and bag lunches. Up to sixty people can be accommodated.

  • House Tours

    Step back in time to the 1920's and explore Judy Garlands' childhood home. Compare how household tasks were preformed then and now. See an old-fashioned icebox, ringer-washer, crank phonograph, phone without numbers, treadle sewing machine, a typewriter, and much more.

  • Hello Harvest: Grades K-4

    This activity is currently unavailable for Fall of 2020. We hope to offer it next year! Choices include parts of a plant, squash life cycle, tops or bottoms plant foods, digging vegetables, measurements, grinding grain, tasting and graphing.