Programs and Scheduling

Did you know you can visit the CDM more than once a year with your class at no cost?


If your group exceeds our 60 student per session limit, please plan one of the following:

  • Schedule half of your group for the morning, allowing at least 2 1/2 hours and the second group for afternoon.
  • Schedule two different days.

We would be happy to assist you in scheduling a class and answer any questions you may have.

A gift shop and public garden are on site.  Our lunch area seats sixty.   Bookings will be confirmed by our Education Coordnator. 

For cancellations or rescheduling, call Debbie Sias at 218-248-2329.



Hello Harvest: Fall Special
Available from the First Day of Fall through Thanksgiving.
Choices include parts of a plant, squash life cycle, edible plant parts, digging vegetables, measurements, grinding grain, tasting & graphing.

Color My Winter: Winter Special
Available in January and February.
Enjoy a rainbow of science activites based on colors to add some excitement when the world is winter white.

 School Programs: 1st - 6th Grade

  1. Dino Dig:  Excavate bones, create fossils, explore animal classification and construct a 3D dino puzzle in teams.  Standards: Science, Art, Language Arts
  2. Wizard of Oz:  Describe OZ characters with many adjectives,  identify anti-bullying strategies, and assemble vortex tornado models.  Standards:  Language Arts, Science, Social Studies
  3. Tree-rific:  Discover diversity of tree products, measure stumps and rings.  Take home a clay cast of identified tree part. Standards: Science, Math, Art, Social Studies
  4. Habitat Detective:  Animal investigators determine "Who Did It" analyzing clues in teams, a vocabulary game, create track print project.  Standards:  Science, Language Arts, Art
  5. NEW! Animal Class: Identify birds, fish, mammals, amphibians & reptiles with laser pointers, create a vertebrate art project. Use magnifiers to examine animal hides. Experience a simulated safari/ drawing. Classify classmates by attributes. Standards: Science, Social Studies, Art
  6. NEW! KEVA Plank Engineers: (Grades 1-2) Build and compare 2-D and 3-D shapes, graphing & building. (Grades 3-6) Science experiment & construction using cantilevers. Build, describe and follow directions with a partner. Standards: Science, Math, Language Arts, Art

School Programs: Preschool & Kindergarten

  1. Squiggle: Develop imagination and large motor skills with a length of yarn. Create abstract string art painting with symmetry. Standards: Language Arts, Art
  2. Wind Blows: Concentrate and remember a sequence of events in a story. Experiment with a fan and small objects, create a windsock and learn how people use wind.  Standards: Science, Language Arts
  3. Pre-Wizard of Oz:  Identify bully/buddy characteristics of Oz characters and examine real-life situations. Design a craft stick house and remember, "There's no place like home."   Standards: Art, Language Arts, Social Studies
  4. Animal Home Discovery: Puppets, tracks, and scat used for identification. Large motor skills activity with animal movements. Track prints take home project. Standards: Language Arts, Science, P.E.
  5. Trees, Leaves, and Me: Read aloud story by Treesa the Talking Tree. Tree products, leaf craft, identifying wood products, mystery bag.  Standards: Science, Language Arts, Art
  6. NEW! Pre-KEVA Planks: Practice basic geometric shapes and a variety of techniques to build a town. Listen to a story for building inspiration. Standards: Science, Math, Language Arts, Art
  7. NEW! What's a Mammal?: Help puppets with a sorting activity and then arrange animals into groups (mammals, birds, fish, reptiles). Use magnifiers to examine animal hides. Perform animal actions, view mounted animals and create a mammal with art materials. Standards: Science, Art, Language Arts


If your group exceeds our 60 student per session limit. Please schedule half of your group for the morning, allowing at least 2 1/2 hours and the second group for afternoon or  schedule two different days.